This section is all about the derivative which is basically finding the slope of various types of functions. The different derivative rules are introduced. I have made a list here for reference.

This week we cover the average rate of change and also got introduced to the Limit. A concept that generated many questions in class. Still getting a handle on them even after being introduced to this topic before. We have the first test on this topic next week.

Here is a long Delta-Epsilon Problem I recently had to solve. [Click on image, then Zoom  for a better view]

I am glad I selected my old MAC1147 professor, Greg Henderson, this time around for Calculus I – part deux.. In my opinion, he is the best Math teacher in HCC. Although as I sat in the class, images of my last Cal class kept creeping up on me and made my head hurt. Mainly because of the though of having to sit for class for 2+  hours after a long day at work. My experience in the last Calculus class was not the best. I will not blame the professor but only say that I could not get the material as easily as I get it with Henderson. We started with a through review of pre-calc Functions  in comparison to my last class where only a handout was given. So far so good.




I am staring my calculus  class this Monday. This blog is my attempt to capture the essence of the class and write about my experience as I try to understand the main concepts of Calculus.  I will try to tackle some of the problems that I encounter and hopefully help a few people along the way.