Student of all and master of none. I like to think I am good at something but I am actually always learning more about the things I believe I am good at, so do I really master anything? In this mode, does anyone ever get to ‘master’ anything? I guess this invites a host of opinions and points of views that we can discuss and fill a whole <anything> with it. I enjoy learning about philosophy, it was one of my favorite subjects in college.  You are welcome to comment on my ramblings.. I am here to write about the first things that come to my mind while I pursue a degree in Computer Science. Mostly to occupy my mind with something  instead of always fighting with the constant mind chatter. I rather think about computational science, art, mathematics, music, physics..and just how things work and come to be. So this is one channel. When I am old I hope to look back here and read this to get a good laugh and wondered how my mind worked on this particular time.


In this blog I will try to convey my experience or frustration about all CS classes I take . If I happen to ‘disappear’ or drop out is because I discovered the next Facebook, Twitter, Google, Windows or just plainly ‘the next thing’.  This blog is my attempt to capture the essence of each class and write about my experience as I try to understand the main concepts.  I will try to tackle some of the problems that I encounter and hopefully help a few people along the way.

Hope you enjoy it.